"Senior Piggy" Brown and Tan Abyssinian Male

Meet Donut, he is a single male guinea pig. He came in from a very unique situation. He has been given all the time, love, and care you could ever imagine. An older gentleman was left with him when his grandaughter up and left. Unfortunately, he had been having other family issues and felt he needed a better home. (with more one on one) He has never been introduced to other females but has a very docile temperament. He could probably adjust to being with others with time and energy. He is estimated to be between 3.5-4 years old. He is a friendly and personable boy. He is also a very large guinea pig. He is ready to go anytime with his cage and leftover supplies, however, he will need an upgrade in cage space due to his size. If you think Donut would be a good asset to your family. Let me know! His adoption fee is $20.00


Helping Others

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