Welcome Rescues!

This portion of my website is based on finding the best home possible for incoming piggies. These piggies have been "given up" and are ISO of new homes.

My rescues are brought into my program and evaluated individually. This is so I can monitor their temperament and find them the best home, whether that is single or in a pair will be determined within the first couple days. I ask between a $20-$40.00 fee on the rescues. This is for my time and care. (food and bedding) This adoption fee also is determined if they come with supplies or not.  I also offer guidance in the new home and make sure that if it is NOT a good fit, they come back to me. I will only take in piggies I KNOW I will be able to place. I don't want anyone sitting here for longer than 4 weeks trying to find a new home. Piggies that come normally end up leaving within 10-14 days. (Sometimes less)

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Adoption Form

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The form must include ALL INFORMATION. Rescue Guinea Pigs require a form for adoption.

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Helping Others

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