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At Small 4 Paws Guinea Pigs, I have taken something which started as a  passion and turned it into a successful breeding business. I have choose to help others as well by taking in guinea pigs and re-homing them for adoption so they can have a second chance. These piggies are AVAILABLE TO ADOPT for discounted prices. I do not know genetics on these piggies and cannot guarantee lines. Each Guinea Pig has a unique personality. Please read the bios on these furry ones and find one that will fit into your home. 

Rescue: About

Long hair includes; Texel, Peruvian, and Coronet, Silkies.
Short hair: Teddy, American, Abyssinian, Sheba

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5.5yr old Single Black/White (orange markings) Abyssinian Boar



He can be adopted for $40.00 *with cage*

Meet Pumba! If you want to help out a SENIOR single male guinea pig then he is for you! Pumba was surrendered to my rescue. (mid-Oct 22) Pumba is a 5.5yr old very outgoing piggy. He is a loud-wheeker and loves the company of humans. He previously lived in Wisconsin with his owner who became very overwhelmed with her college studies. She was in a pickle and made the difficult decision to seek a new home. She adopted him from a pet store when he was little and raised Pumba as a baby.  Pumba was a nervous piggy but she said he has grown a lot since then. He tolerates cuddle time but is always up for nose and chin rubs. Pumba is a bit of a nibbler so ideally, I would suggest he has a more experienced Guinea Pig owner. I don't think he would be an ideal fit for small children. (with the exception of kids who have been around guinea pigs constantly and know how to handle them.) Pumba is looking for a retirement home where he can have his space to relax and chill. He is in great health and but he is a picky eater. His favorite part of the day is jumping into the fresh hay piles at night. He is welcome to leave with the cage he was surrendered with. (plastic green cage with a lid - roughly 2 feet by 3.5 feet.) Pumbaa has a $20.00 adoption fee to assure a good home. The fee goes directly into my rescue program so you can help out more piggies get adopted and cared for! You are welcome to come to visit him at my location PRIOR to adoption! 

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