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At Small 4 Paws Guinea Pigs, I have taken something which started as a  passion and turned it into a successful breeding business. I have choose to help others as well by taking in guinea pigs and re-homing them for adoption so they can have a second chance. These piggies are AVAILABLE TO ADOPT. I do not know genetics on these piggies and cannot guarantee lines. Each Guinea Pig has a unique personality. Please read the bios on these furry ones and find one that will fit into your home. 

If you are looking to surrender you can contact about potentially releasing your guinea pigs to me. Once guinea pigs have entered my care, vet appointments are booked if needed and temperaments are evaluated. When you surrender a guinea pig to my care, it stays in my care. Please remember that you are giving them up because you are no longer a fit owner. Emotions can flood your mind. It is smart to take a second and breathe and remember what is best for the guinea pigs. 

Rescue: About

Long hair includes; Texel, Peruvian, and Coronet, Silkies.
Short hair: Teddy, American, Abyssinian, Sheba

Rescue: Text


Chocolate/Cream/& White Abyssinian Male 

1yr old



Meet Albert, the lively and sociable Abyssinian guinea pig who is sure to bring a burst of energy and joy into your home.
Albert is a bundle of energy and enthusiasm, always eager to explore and interact with his surroundings. His outgoing nature makes him a joy to be around, and his zest for life is contagious. Whether he's zooming around his cage or engaging in playful antics, Albert's lively demeanor is sure to brighten your day.
****Albert was recently surrendered due to allergies.***
Although Albert hasn't handled a ton, he has the potential to become a wonderful companion with time, patience, and love. With the right care and attention, Albert is ready to blossom into a trusting and affectionate guinea pig who will bring endless happiness to his new home.
Albert would thrive in a home where he can receive plenty of love, attention, and opportunities for socialization. Whether you're a seasoned guinea pig owner or someone new to caring for these adorable pets, Albert's friendly and adaptable nature makes him a perfect fit for families of all backgrounds.
He does have a small adoption fee that will go back into my rescue so you can help more guinea pigs. He is available to adopt WITH his 4×2 cage and starting setup.

Rescue: About

Willow & Matilda

Bonded 8-Month-Old American Sisters

DOB= 8/26/23

Willow: TSW

Matilda: Black/Cream/White

$70.00 adoption fee + CAGE


Introducing Willow and Matilda, the dynamic sister duo! Born and lovingly raised at Small4Paws, these lovely ladies recently found themselves back in my care due to unforeseen circumstances. Although they didn't receive as much handling in their previous home, they've quickly adapted and blossomed under my care. While they may require a bit more one-on-one attention to be comfortable around small children, their sweet and social nature shines through. Willow and Matilda are true sweethearts who adore socializing inside their cage and eagerly await their daily treats. With patience and love, they've easily learned to trust and will undoubtedly thrive in their forever home. To ensure a smooth transition, they'll come with a 2x4 midwest cage and a few familiar hides from their previous abode. Feel free to come and meet this delightful pair prior to adoption—they're sure to steal your heart!

Rescue: Asti
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