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Summer and Winter

Bonded Female Guinea pigs 
$200.00 with supplies 
$100.00 without supplies

Meet Summer and Winter! These girls are bonded sows ISO of a home for adoption. Summer is a black and white (hidden sable) Peruvian sow. She is coming just on 1 yr old. Winter is a lilac Hemi Coronet sow. Winter is about 1 & 1/2yrs old. They both are super unique looking. They have been surrendered to me because of family circumstances. However, Summer is my original line and breeding. When they were first introduced as babies; they instantly clicked like legos and I knew their bond was going to be stronger than ever! Summer is super social and loves to be up in your business. The lovely thing about her is not only that she has the get-up and go to be around everyone… but, she LOVES to be pet and held. She adjusts very well to different situations and I believe she would make a very smooth transition to any home. On the other hand, Winter is by far an old soul. She is so docile and absolutely strives to be held. She is seriously another version of a goddess. Both girls are very good during grooming and enjoy the after-effects of feeling more beautiful after their trim/brush/wash.

I think they would do very well being with small children as well as teenagers and adults. As they have been homed with all previously. These girls are waiting for the perfect environment for their forever family. If you think they would be a good fit for your family then go ahead and fill out an application or give me a call!

If you choose to purchase them with their supplies. It will entail the All Living Things penthouse habitat they are currently homed in. As well as a HOMEMADE fleece liner from my collection. Their food bowl and water bottle. As well as a starter baggie of their food. 

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About My Program

I am a young teenage Guinea Pig breeder and entrepreneur. I have a love for piggies that I want to share with people around me. I am located in Poplar Grove, Illinois.

    All of my Guinea Pigs are pre-spoiled, affectionate, and extremely loving. They are handled from day one to assure extremely loving personalities. These piggies will make the most wonderful pet for small children. I take great pride in my piggies and feed them veggies and fruits every day along with high-quality guinea pig kibble. All of my Guinea Pigs are raised inside our home and are involved in daily living activities. I breed Guinea Pigs specifically for PET homes. I specialize in Long haired Guinea pigs (Coronets, Silkie's, Peruvians) but have occasional Teddies, Texel's, and Abyssinian's. NEW AMERICANS


females at small4paws

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