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About My Program

I am a young teenage Guinea Pig breeder and entrepreneur. I have a love for piggies that I want to share with people around me. I am located in Poplar Grove, Illinois.

    All of my Guinea Pigs are pre-spoiled, affectionate, and extremely loving. They are handled from day one to assure extremely loving personalities. These piggies will make the most wonderful pet for small children. I take great pride in my piggies and feed them veggies and fruits every day along with high-quality guinea pig kibble. All of my Guinea Pigs are raised inside our home and are involved in daily living activities. I breed Guinea Pigs specifically for PET homes. I specialize in Long haired Guinea pigs (Coronets, Silkie's, Peruvians) but have occasional Teddies, Texel's, and Abyssinian's. NEW AMERICANS


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