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2-Year-Old Peruvian Sow

Retired Breeder

Meet Harmony! She is a tortoiseshell and white BROOD Peruvian female. She was born in June of 2020. She is up for a pet or breeding home. (for an extra fee) listed at a pet price. Harmony is extremely social. Unfortunately, this beauty MUST be single. Harmony is extremely dominant and overly aggressive with other guinea pigs. 

This is the perfect steal for someone who wants a social female piggy. Or for someone who doesn't want to have two guinea pigs. Harmony has been caged by herself and does perfectly fine being an only piggy. She has mothered 2 litter for me and was successful with no losses (2 females both times). I have decided to rehome her early because I'm limiting this color pattern in my program. I am also downsizing my program due to my sports life at the moment. Harmony would be an awesome asset to any family. (especially with kids.) She is so sweet and docile but has loads of get-up and go. She loves to cuddle and would be the perfect couch potato. However, you might catch her starting daily zoomies for veggies. Harmony is from show lines. Her coat is INSANELY thick and her new owners need to be prepared to brush her and maintain her long locks. If you want more information and think Harmony would be a good fit, please let me know! 

She is up for adoption for $80.00

Harmony does have pea eye (nothing detrimental to her health) in her right eye.

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About My Program

I am a young teenage Guinea Pig breeder and entrepreneur. I have a love for piggies that I want to share with people around me. I am located in Poplar Grove, Illinois.

    All of my Guinea Pigs are pre-spoiled, affectionate, and extremely loving. They are handled from day one to assure extremely loving personalities. These piggies will make the most wonderful pet for small children. I take great pride in my piggies and feed them veggies and fruits every day along with high-quality guinea pig kibble. All of my Guinea Pigs are raised inside our home and are involved in daily living activities. I breed Guinea Pigs specifically for PET homes. I specialize in Long haired Guinea pigs (Coronets, Silkie's, Peruvians) but have occasional Teddies, Texel's, and Abyssinian's. NEW AMERICANS


females at small4paws

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