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Fleece Items

For anyone who adopts a guinea pig from me I offer custom fleece liners, hides, tunnels and etc. for an additional charge- cheaper than traditional items for the same quality!

c&c liners 2x2-2x5= $30-$80
midwest liner= $40
tunnel/beds/pads $30,$20, 2 for $10

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The pellet food all of my guinea pigs eat from birth to adult-hood.

Pellet Food

orchard hay.jpg

My favorite hay! I purchase in the 50 lb bale off chewy.



This is the only water bottle I have found that NEVER leaks.

Water Bottle


This is the main bedding I use if I don't have a liner on the bottom of the cage.

Fluffy Bedding


This can be used on the base of the cages. I use this for my skinny pigs. (hairless)

Paper Bedding


This is the bedding I use on the bottom of all my litterboxes where I keep the piggies hay in.

Crumble Paper Bedding


Bedding used inside of the guinea pig cages

Bath Mats

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