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Golden Agouti/W Coronet Sow

Meet Rasin, She is a stunning coronet sow that is now up for adoption! She was born and raised here. Rasin is the best it gets with older females. She was born in July of 2019 and will be turning 3 years old. She has produced 4 beautiful litters for me and I think it is now time for her to go to a home. Rasin is an AMAZING snuggle bug. Her gorgeous long locks of brown hair are super soft too, which makes her a perfect cuddler. She could easily lay on your chest for hours during movies. Rasin has never bitten or nipped, she would be an amazing pet (even for first-time guinea pig owners) or with small children. Along with this, she gets along with everyone. She would be a wonderful asset to a family. Rasin is being rehomed for an adoption fee of $50.00



PEW Peruvian Sow

Meet Blossom, she is the sweetest guinea pig you will ever meet. She is coming up on 3 years old. Blossom is a bit on the smaller side but she was an amazing mother, so she is just finishing with her 4th litter. She will be ready around the end of Nov/beginning of Dec. She is ISO a PET home. no exceptions. Blossom would be an amazing pet for small children. Or a great companion for another guinea pig. Blossom is up for adoption for $50.00

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Solid White Brood Peruvian Sow

Meet Minnie, She is a solid white BROOD Peruvian female. Minnie is up for a pet or breeding home. (for an extra fee) listed at a pet price. Minnie is extremely social but, doesn't do well with other females. She would need to be raised with a baby or rehomed by herself. This is the perfect steal for someone who wants a social female piggy. Or for someone who doesn't want to have two guinea pigs. Minnie has been caged by herself here and does perfectly fine being an only piggy. She has mothered 2 litters from be and both were successful with no losses. I have decided to rehome her early because I fell in love with her baby. I am also downsizing my program due to my sports life at the moment. Minnie would be an awesome asset to any family. 

she is up for adoption for $60.00

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