Baby Guinea Pigs

I strongly encourage that if you don't already have another guinea pig. That females leave together AND males. These males have grown up together and it can be very difficult to match personalities. Boys are being raised together so they are basically "pre-bonded." Discounts apply to pairs $10-$15.00 off


Baby Guinea Pigs

Males and Females

 Rufus $40.00

Cream/Agouti and White Abyssinian Boar

Meet Rufus! He is an Abyssinian Boar with an insane personality. He is a little rebel who loves to explore. Rufus loves eating veggies and socializing with his brother Sonic. He is 10 weeks old and will be ready anytime. If you think Rufus would be a good option for your home feel free to reach out!

Screenshot 2021-11-04 1.50.39 PM.png


Black and Tan medium coat boy

Meet Sonic! He is an Abyssian/Peruvian mix Boar with a lovely personality. He is a little sweetheart who loves to cuddle. Sonic loves eating hay and socializing with his brother Rufus. They have such amazing temperaments that will work for any home. He is currently 10 weeks and will be ready to leave anytime. If you think Rufus would be a good option for your home feel free to reach out!

Screenshot 2021-11-04 1.50.39 PM.png
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Sprinkles and Cupcake

Bonded Female Guinea Pigs
DOB Cupcake 9/8/21
DOB Sprinkles 9/17/21

Meet Sprinkles and Cupcake! These girls are all you could want and more. Sprinkles and Cupcake are female guinea pigs that were returned due to allergies. These girls are half-sisters sharing the same dad! They were born and raised with me, so they have amazing temperaments. Unfortunately, their previous owners developed allergies over a series of a couple of months. So, they have been without being handled for 2-3 weeks. They have been at my home for roughly 12 days and are cleared and listed for adoption. Both girls are very relaxed in and out of the cage. Cupcake is an American guinea pig and she has sleek & smooth short hair. She loves chin rubs and enjoys spending one on one with her sister and me. On the other hand, Sprinkles is a Teddy guinea pig (from show lines) and has gorgeous fluffy hair that sticks up and out. However, she is gifted with low shedding! Sprinkles enjoys sleeping in her cozy beds under her fleece forest and, cuddling near your neck. Both of these girls are very good at the little maintenance they need. (nail trims) and are currently on a fleece and bath matt bedding. They are eating the Oxbow Simple Harvest Adult Guinea Pig Food and would do well remaining on the Oxbow brand because they are picky pellet eaters. I believe these girls would do well with children because they were previously homed with kids. They adjusted fast and well to my environment and I strongly think they would be a wonderful asset to any home. They have been given an amazing start to their life and I can guarantee you longevity with their lines with the same unkept maintenance. If you think Sprinkles and Cupcake would be a good fit for your environment give me a call or fill out an adoption form! READY NOW!


DOB 4/26/22



Female Teddy baby DOB-4/26/22

Star is Luelle's available teddy baby! She is the 3rd baby in the photo above. She is Tortishelle (dominant black with orange streaks throughout her body) She isn't ready till the end of May 2022 but you can reserve her now! $80.00 adoption fee