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Available Guinea Pigs

Below are the currently available piggies. check out the Rescue page for more availability! 
Please fill out an application for confirmed availability. 

Availablility: Welcome

Long hair includes; Texel, Peruvian, and Coronet, Silkies.

Short hair: Teddy, American, Abyssinian, Sheba, and Rex

$10.00 off baby pairs 

Availablility: Text
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Black and Cream American Mix Boar


DOB 5/24/23

READY 6/24/23


more info to come

Availablility: About

Bubbles and Ruby

Bubbles= dark-eyed-white Satin Peruvian Sow DOB 6-22-22

Ruby=pink-eyed-orange Peruvian Sow DOB 10/1/22 



Meet Bubbles, she is a stunning dark pigmented SOLID white female Peruvian guinea pig. She is possibly a mis-marked hemi as both of her parents carry the Himalayan gene. Bubbles is extremely sweet and truly could be an amazing piggy with individual time. She does get a little overpowered by her cage mates strong personality sometimes. So, Bubbles will need individual time. She is beyond stunning and grows an awesome coat however, it has been chewed by her babies so she does need more time to grow out again. 
Meet Ruby! This girl is the ideal Peruvian guinea pig! She has a fantastic thick coat that grows beautifully and amazing deep red/copper tones. She has an outgoing personality that truly makes her a package deal. Her and Bubbles have been cage mates throughout the breeding process and they have connected so well! To this I'm looking for a home where they can stay bonded!
This pair would be great for someone looking for guinea pigs with great personalities and that are child friendly. However, they are both long hair guinea pig that will require some work! They will need daily brushing and monthly bathing that will need to be upkeep in order to provide them with a healthy home and habitat. I would recommend a cage that measures at least 2x5 and using fleece liners/bath mats because of their long fur.

Availablility: About

Gabby and Babbles

Black/Hidden Bonded Dalmatian Skinny Pig Sows

2yr's old


Meet Gabby and Babbles! A 2 yr old pair of bonded skinny pig females! My mom works with a rescue called Hearts for Animals. These girls have a very sad story. They were left alone in an apartment after the tenants moved out. The landlord turned them over to a rescue and they have been hopping from rescue to rescue in Southern IL for about 8 months. They were recently dropped off at a kill shelter and were going to be euthanized if not taken out of their care. 
I was contacted and of course I wanted to take them in!
They have been on transport for 2 days, so they are pretty nervous, but they did really well when we handled them! They are very friendly and enjoy nose pets! These girls would make a great addition to any family household. They are currently on fleece in a Midwest guinea pig cage. I would recommend a larger cage for them because they are big females. They aren't very active so far being here but that could change with time. They are ready anytime now and you are welcome to visit prior to adoption.

Availablility: Monkey


TSW Peruvian Boar
DOB 6/15/22

Meet Monkey!  He is a stunning Peruvian boar. He was originally picked to remain in my program but, I decided to take it in a different direction. He is a very pretty boy and will grow out gorgeously as he gets older. Monk was bred to a female which resulted in his hair getting a little chewed and is now growing unevenly.  He may be able to bond with group of females if he was to be neutered, otherwise he should remain single. He has a very low key temperament and would work well with kids and adults. He could definitely use some more one on one time when reaching into his cage space. He is very sweet being held and a chill boy in your arms. Monkey is very as silly as his name. Whether it is sprawled out under the fleece forest or sleeping in his igloo upside down. He is a wonderful man that will make a great addition to a family looking for a single piggy.  Please make sure you understand the maintenance of long hair guinea pigs before adopting him. He is $70.00 and is READY NOW!

Availablility: Monkey


TSW Peruvian Sow

DOB 6/4/20

$60.00 with 2 by 2.5 cage with lid.


Meet Harmony, she is a stunning SINGLE female Peruvian guinea pig. Harmony has been with me for almost 3yrs and is looking for a retirement home where she can just relax. She was rehomed in February and just returned to me in May because he owner could not keep up the coat and maintenance that Harmony requires. Harmony has since then been cut short, due to matting but her hair does grow fast. HARMONY IS A DOMINANT FEMALE AND MUST BE A SINGLE GUINEA PIG. I repeat, she is as sweet as candy but is NOT bondable. She has been aggressive towards her babies of her own and males she has been bred with. Despite her vicious guinea pig demeanor. She is heaven sent. A stunning female with the most loving personality. She would be a great addition to a family with children's and her hair would be an awesome sensory tool. She is from a show line and need very specific cage that includes trimming and brushing monthly and daily. Harmony gets bathed every 8/10 weeks depending on the length of her hair. If you have questions or would like to give her a retirement home please let me know!

Availablility: Monkey


cream/lilac and white American Sow

DOB 6/15/22



Meet Lemon, she is a stunning cream/lilac and white American Sow! Lemon is up for adoption because I am retiring all of my short hair lines. I do not have any current pictures of Lemon so I am using her BABY photos. She is extremely sweet and friendly and would be a great addition to a herd. LEMON WILL NEED A CAGE MATE. She bonds very well and easily with others and will need a friend or two. Lemon would be the ideal pig for kids and adults. She is very calm and love able. She is just under 1 yr old and has lots of life left to her.

Availablility: Monkey


Silver and White Coronet Sow




Meet Vidia, she is a stunning Coronet female guinea pig. Vidia is from a long line of show pigs and is extremely well handled. Vidia loves people and has a very social personality. She was previously caged with her sister but was removed during the breeding process and is next door neighbors to her now! She has previously been dominant so I recommend that she gets bonded with a baby or young adult with a docile personality. She is not fit for a trio of guinea pigs or a herd. Vidia's hair has been growing out and it will continue to  grow long and thick. Vidia would be an awesome addition to a home with kids. This girl pulls at my heartstrings and it has been difficult to make the decision to adopt her out. She was an amazing mother but will be looking for a PET ONLY home. NO breeding. I am looking for an owner who will keep in touch with me. I will be picky about her re-homing. She is welcome here until I find the perfect match! If you have any questions or would like to meet her please call or fill out an application.

Availablility: Monkey


Soild Black Skinny Boar
DOB= 1/15/22

More information to come

Availablility: Quaker


TSW Skinny Sow

More information to come

Availablility: Quaker


Chocolate/Red and White American Boar
DOB 4-11-22

Meet Quaker! He is a stunning mixed breed American! Quaker is being used in my breeding program as a temporary asset to improve my Sheba lines! Quaker has a unique length of fur that grows at his bum and a thick smooth coat throughout his body. Quaker is a very loud squeaker and is definitely a cuddle bug! He would be great with kids and adults! He is currently single and would be ideal staying that way or with a group of females if he was to be neutered. HE ISN'T NOW. He is a large guinea pig that would benefit from a large cage so he can do plenty of zoomies. Quaker is an escape artist so I would recommend a lidded C&C cage if you are looking for a large habitat. He loves to jump on top of things and his favorite place to sleep is top bunk on his piggy bunk bed. Quaker would be a one of a kind addition to a family. If you think he would be a good fit please let me know! 

Availablility: Quaker


TSW Texel Boar

DOB 2-20-21



Meet Randall! He is a stunning texel boar that was purchased to add new blood to my Texel lines. He is a gorgeous male and has very unique markings. He is very friendly and has grown a lot as a piggy being in my program. When he first arrived he was very fearful and used to chatter at me. After being with me for 7 months he has become very affectionate, friendly, and outgoing! Randall is a single male and doesn't get along with other piggies. He loves being with females and may benefit from being neutered and introduced to a girl or two! He would be a great single pet as well or caged next to another male for social interaction. He ideally would be a good fit for teens and adults. He isn't one to sit still for long periods of time so he would need to be worked with to stay in one place. Randall is a high energy piggy and loves to run and zoom and would benefit from a large running space. His favorite time of the day is when he gets his Oxbow Vitamin C treats! Randall is waiting to have one more litter with a female, after that he will be ready for his new home. His adoption date MAY change depending on when my female goes into heat! 
Texel's are very high maintenance guinea pigs so please research prior to inquiring about this special breed.

Availablility: About
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Pumba- Rescue

Surrendered Male Guinea Pig

looking to help out one that has been left behind? Check out more information about Pumba on the rescue page.

Availablility: About Us
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