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Available Guinea Pigs

Below are the currently available piggies. check out the Rescue page for more availability! 
Please fill out an application for confirmed availability. 

Availablility: Welcome

Long hair includes; Texel, Peruvian, and Coronet, Silkies.
Short hair: Teddy, American, Abyssinian, Sheba, and Rex

Availablility: Text

Available Babies

Please read the description for each guinea pig for gender, breed, dob and release date.


(M) Fauna x (D) Gaston

Lilac/Cream & White [red-eyed] Coronet Boar




Introducing Paddington, a drop-dead gorgeous male guinea pig from a recent mixed breeding, and a true gem in both appearance and temperament. This handsome fellow is a standout in coat, color, and personality, making him a delightful addition to any family. From an early age, Paddington exudes dominance, showcasing his strong and confident presence. For those looking to ensure a strong bond with a companion, introducing him to another young friend early on is recommended. His preference for lounging around makes him a great match for those who appreciate a more relaxed and easygoing companion. While Paddington may not be the most active guinea pig, his calm demeanor makes him an excellent choice for households with both kids and adults. His tranquil nature also positions him as a wonderful option for first-time guinea pig owners who are ready to take on the responsibility of caring for a long-haired beauty. As a breeder's choice, Paddington has been carefully selected as the standout from his litter, a testament to his exceptional qualities.  If you're seeking a guinea pig with a stunning appearance, a laid-back attitude, and the potential for a strong bond, Paddington is the perfect choice to bring warmth and charm to your home. Don't miss the chance to make this breeder's choice your cherished family member!



(M) Vogue x (D) Emmett

Tortoiseshell Coronet Boar


READY: 12/2/23


Introducing Milkdud, an enchanting newborn TS Coronet guinea pig destined for a life of beauty and charm. Milkdud hails from prestigious show lines, promising not only a stunning appearance but also the potential for a long and luxurious coat as he matures. At this tender age, Milkdud is already displaying the genetic gifts inherited from his distinguished lineage. His coat, expected to grow long and thick, will undoubtedly add to his allure and make him a standout companion. As the proud offspring of a remarkable father, Milkdud is set to follow in his parent's footsteps, inheriting a mellow temperament that adds an extra layer of sweetness to his character. Milkdud's gentle disposition makes him an ideal choice for those seeking a guinea pig with a calm and easygoing nature. His mellow temperament is a testament to the careful breeding and positive lineage he comes from, ensuring a delightful and harmonious addition to any home.

Availablility: Males


Tri Roan Teddy Boar

DOB= 3/15/21


Introducing Musabi, a one-of-a-kind Teddy Male guinea pig with a personality as unique as his appearance! Musabi has been a cherished member of our breeding program since he was a baby, and now he's ready to retire to a loving PET home. Musabi is currently single and content, though he could also thrive in the company of a group of females if he were to be neutered (please note, he isn't neutered at the moment). His true sweetheart nature makes him an excellent addition to someone's family who is seeking a single guinea pig to share their life with. This extroverted fellow is a true social butterfly, making him an ideal fit for an energetic household or a home with kids. Musabi loves to be in the center of the action and brings an extra dose of joy to any environment he's in. His big cuddler personality shines through, and he particularly enjoys snuggling in a cuddle sack on your chest while watching TV. Musabi is not just a guinea pig; he's a delightful companion, ready to add warmth and affection to your home. In addition to his charming personality, Musabi is seeking a home where he can live like royalty. With his unique qualities and loving nature, Musabi is sure to bring happiness and companionship to the lucky family that welcomes him.

Availablility: About


TSW Teddy Sow



Meet Sprinkles, a unique TSW Teddy guinea pig who is as stunning as her name suggests. With her luxurious fur and charming demeanor, Sprinkles is a one-of-a-kind companion. While Sprinkles may take a little time to adjust to her new surroundings, her adaptable nature means she can thrive with all types of guinea pig owners. Whether you're a seasoned piggy enthusiast or a first-time pet parent, Sprinkles is sure to steal your heart with her endearing qualities.
It's important to note that Sprinkles is not suited for herd life and would do best in a more intimate setting. She prefers the company of just one other guinea pig, especially one with a docile personality. This ensures that Sprinkles can enjoy a harmonious companionship, tailored to her individual needs. If you're ready to open your heart and home to a guinea pig with both beauty and charm, consider welcoming Sprinkles into your life. Her unique qualities make her a delightful addition to any loving family.

Availablility: About


TSW Silkie Boar
DOB= 11/5/20
READY 12/1/23


He is currently single and would be ideal staying that way or with a group of females if he was to be neutered. HE ISN'T NOW

more info to come

Availablility: About


MISMARKED Cream and Lilac Texel Boar
DOB= 3/16/21

Introducing Asti, a distinguished member of our breeding program who is now ready to embark on a new chapter as a beloved pet! Asti has been a part of our family since he was a young adult, and he's looking for a PET home where he can enjoy the comforts of a loving family.
Asti is currently single and perfectly content that way. However, if you're considering expanding your guinea pig family, he could also thrive in the company of a group of females, provided he undergoes neutering. Please note that he is not neutered at the moment. This solid and uniquely styled Texel-coated piggy may lack the typical curl definition, but what he may lack in coat aesthetics, he more than makes up for with his charming personality. Asti is a true sweetheart, making him an ideal addition to someone's family who is seeking a single guinea pig to share their life with. Asti is a laid-back fellow who thrives in a relaxed and chill environment. Whether you have kids or you're an adult looking for a furry companion, Asti is adaptable and sure to bring joy to your home. He has never exhibited any aggressive behavior, having never bitten or nipped, and he is comfortable being handled. If you're ready to welcome a unique and charming guinea pig into your life, consider Asti as the perfect candidate. He's ready to offer unlimited affection and companionship, making your home complete with his gentle presence.

Availablility: About


 Cream and Lilac (red-eyed) Sheba Sow

DOB: 11/16/21



Meet Anastasia, a captivating lady ready to retire from my breeding program and find her forever home. This stunning girl is available for adoption now, and she comes with a personality as remarkable as her appearance. Anastasia is a sassy and affectionate guinea pig with a stellar personality that will surely steal your heart. Fearless and friendly, she embraces attention and is always ready for interactive moments with her human companions. If you're looking for a guinea pig that adds a bit of spunk and charm to your family, Anastasia is the perfect match. This dominant lady does exceptionally well on her own and would thrive as the sole focus of your affections. Raised in my home since birth, Anastasia has been nurtured in a loving environment. Her lineage includes a 2nd Generation Sheba mother and a Peruvian father, resulting in her unique and beautiful medium coat that require s minimal maintenance. Anastasia's vivacious nature is complemented by her escape artist skills. For her safety, a cage with a secure lid is a must, and I recommend a spacious 2x4 cage to accommodate her active lifestyle. Before making the commitment, you're welcome to visit Anastasia to witness her charming personality firsthand. She's not just a guinea pig; she's a delightful companion ready to bring joy and energy to her forever home.

Availablility: About


Cream/Lilac/& White (red-eyed) Texel Sow

DOB: 4/14/21


Introducing Fauna, a captivating and charming lady who is ready to embark on the next chapter of her life in a loving forever home. Fauna has gracefully retired from my breeding program, bringing with her not only exquisite beauty but also a remarkable personality that is sure to steal your heart. This sassy yet affectionate girl is known for her friendly demeanor and stellar personality. Fauna thrives on interaction and is the perfect companion for a family seeking a guinea pig that loves to engage with her human counterparts. Her vibrant and dynamic nature makes her an ideal choice for those looking for an interactive and entertaining pet. It's important to note that Fauna is a bit of a diva in the best possible way—she exudes confidence and has a dominant personality. Due to this trait, she is not well-suited for herd life and would thrive best as the sole focus of attention in her new home. Fauna, as an escape artist, adds an element of intrigue to her character. To ensure her safety and your peace of mind, a cage with a secure lid is a must. I recommend a spacious cage, at least 2x4 in size, to accommodate Fauna's active and playful nature. This will provide her with ample space to explore and express her lively personality. For those interested in welcoming Fauna into their lives, you are more than welcome to visit with her before making the adoption decision. This will allow you to witness firsthand the charm and charisma that make Fauna such a unique and wonderful companion.

Availablility: About


Golden Agouti and White Peruvian Boar




Meet Woody, a stunning Peruvian male guinea pig who is ready to embark on a new chapter in a loving pet home. Woody has been an integral part of my breeding program since his early days, and now, in his retirement, he is seeking a special family to call his own. Woody is a true beauty, boasting a luxurious long-haired coat that adds to his charm and uniqueness. Despite his advanced age, he remains a striking and distinguished guinea pig, making him a delightful addition to any household. It's important to note that Woody is not from my breeding lines, and over time, he has developed a slight haze over one of his eyes due to the natural aging process. A thorough vet check has been conducted, and reassuringly, this condition does not currently impact his vision. Woody remains a healthy and happy guinea pig who is ready to share his affectionate nature with a new family. Currently living the single life, Woody would ideally continue this lifestyle or potentially join a group of females if he were to be neutered in the future (although he is not neutered at the moment). Woody's sociable and extroverted personality makes him an excellent fit for an energetic household or a home with kids. His gentle and sweet demeanor also makes him a great choice for first-time guinea pig owners who are ready to learn about the unique care needs of long-haired companions. Woody, with his easygoing nature, is the perfect candidate for someone looking to welcome a single long-haired guinea pig into their home. If you are prepared to provide the extra care and attention that his majestic coat requires, Woody is sure to become a cherished member of your family. Don't miss the opportunity to bring this sweet and sociable guinea pig into your life!

Availablility: Quaker

More Availability

Below are guinea pigs that are part of my rescue program, these piggies have been surrendered to me. I do not know much on their background and all ages are estimated.

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Surrendered Guinea Pig(s)

looking to help out one that has been left behind? Check out more information about Pumba and other surrendered piggies on the rescue page.

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