Available Babies and Adults

text for more photos! All babies are being raised together (pre-bonded if ISO pair)

DISCOUNT ON CASPER & BOO $60 each or $100.00 together! 



PEW Peruvian

Meet Caper, he is such an adorable little pink-eyed-white Peruvian male. He was born on 5/8/21. If you are looking for a stunning guinea pig this guy is for you. He is 100% Peruvian born from Blossom and Princeton who both have amazing show quality lines behind them guaranteeing this baby an awesome show coat.


Satin Peruvian

Meet Boo, He was born on 5/8/21 in Blossom and Princeton. He is such a youngling and already is ready to dominate the world with his flashy color. He brings too much to the basic white and would be an amazing asset to your family or show beautifully.

Screenshot 2021-06-12 11.31.05 AM.png
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Broken Silver and White Coronet

Meet Junior, he is a young coronet male. He was born on 5/24/21 to Giselle & Henry. If you are looking for a guinea pig with remarkable color. He is the one with you, I have always been partial to males and I'm telling you he is my pick favorite on color. $80.00

Rainbow Dash

Rainbow/White Blaze Teddy

Meet Rainbow Dash, he's a young teddy male. He was born on 5/24/21 to Magnolia & Seymour. This little guy has so much personality already and would be great with "Junior" in a pair since they will be raised together. They were born the same day so they are practically brothers. My teddies all are more extroverted than how docile the long hairs are. It would be an excellent pair. $80.00

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Meet Mouse, Mouse is an adorable golden agouti/w  Silkie Sow. She was born on 1/15/20 and is just around 6 months old. She is extremely sweet and I have worked with her so much. This little girl is amazing for handling. I am placing her because I have her full sister from another litter and she isn't needed anymore. She is up for adoption for $80.00



This is Butterbean! He is a cream and white Texel male guinea pig. He was born and raised in my program. Butterbean was born on 7/13/19 and he will be turning 2. He was an amazing breeder for me and seriously one of the sweetest here.
He is being placed for adoption because I have a new female Texel that will be pairing separately or with a baby from him and Josies last litter. 
He has been with other males before and has never had a huge issue but it would take some getting used to for him to be with another male guinea pig.
I think he would do better by himself or be introduced to a male BABY, around or under 6 months.
He has a gorgeous curly coat that needs to be trimmed every 4/6 weeks and detangled with your fingers every couple of days. His adoption fee is $50.00



Upcoming litters 2021

Josie & Butterbean; Texels due July 1st

this pair has only even thrown males

Future litters 2021

Lollipop & Seymour; Teddies =bred July 1st, due Sep 9

Waverly & Butterbean; Texels =bred July 1st, due Sep 9

Rasin & Wilbur; Coronets = bred July 1st, due Sep 9

Margi & Seymour; shorthair babies (last litter had American, Teddy, and Abyssinian.) PET ONLY


Harmony & Woody; Peruvians= bred August/babies leaving around Christmas time.

Magnolia and Seymour; teddies= bred august leaving around christmas

These are all of the litters I have planned and finalized. Raisin will be looking for pet homes after her last litter.

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Screenshot 2021-04-01 at 5.43.05 PM.png
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Texel babies