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Hi everyone! I wanted to post a heads up to let people know I'm currently behind on messages. The best way to expect a FAST reply is to fill out an application and then TEXT MY NUMBER and let me know your name and that you just sent an application in and would like to talk further.

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My Story

Small4Paws is home to some of the most outstanding guinea pigs you will come across.

My name is Jordan Heritsch and I'm a young entrepreneur. I have been breeding for just under 4 years. This may not seem long to you but, it's been such a journey for me to perfect my lines and my program. Guinea Pigs are such wonderful animals and it makes me feel great to get such wonderful feedback on my pets. I breed both pet and show quality lines of Coronet, Silkie, Peruvian, Texel, Abyssian, Teddy, and Hairless Guinea Pigs. I breed 7 different coat types, compared to most breeders who don't even have 3. All of my baby guinea pigs are handled daily from a young age and have the most wonderful personalities. I take so much pride in everything I produce that I can guarantee you a healthy and sweet furry friend. I am proud to say this is the best Guinea pig you will own. Not only do my Guinea Pigs have unique colors/patterns, but their personalities make them a dream come true.

My adults are NEVER overbred and are typically placed in their forever family homes after 4 litters of babies. These homes are handpicked by me, just like the babies, so I can assure you that they will always be well taken care of. I am also very happy to remain as a resource for your convenience after you have taken your new baby from me to answer more questions.

By purchasing a guinea pig from me, you get one-on-one time and loads of useful information. It's not just a product from a business, this is a living & breathing animal. If at any time you feel like this isn't a fit for you, before or after the purchase, I'm more than happy to take your guinea pig back and rehome it. 

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What to expect

With every purchase of a guinea pig, a deposit will be placed. A deposit is a payment placed on your guinea pig to hold them until pickup. The deposit is half the amount of the purchase price for your piggy. (This goes towards the full amount) Deposits are taken via Facebook Pay & Zelle or a check in the mail. The balance of your guinea pig must be paid in full by the pickup date. Guinea Pigs must be picked up within 5 days of their release date or a $1 a day fee will be applied until the decided pickup date. 

If for some reason it is decided before pickup this guinea pig is not a good fit or it is not a good time. The deposit can be placed towards another guinea pig within one year of the time the deposit is placed. (excluded from planned/non-planned litters) The deposit is then NONREFUNDABLE

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Luelle and Filly from PA arrival!
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Promoting clean and healthy lifestyle for Guinea Pigs. 

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